Why do I need a ChordPainter

Who does not know them: the big songbooks with hundreds of Songs for guitar players. Song lyrics with the chords above and you are ready to play.

For all piano players without knowledge to read sheet music (and there are some, believe me), this would also be a super helpful solution. Looks simple, just learn all the chords and you could use these songbooks. This works fine with the most basic chords, but if it comes to more complex or rarely used chords, they are faster forgotten than you've learned them.

So you need a little memo, say Songbook for piano players with the chords as diagram above. If you search for this topic, you'll get lost and find almost nothing. Therefore, you need to help yourself: the lyrics are copied quickly, but how do I get the chord diagrams? What is common standard for guitar players, needs to be done manually by yourself.

This is where ChordPainter jumps in

Play your song on the piano and triggered by sustain pedal, the chord is transferred to your chord list. All chord images exported per E-mail or dropbox and inserted into the songbook, Done!