All features in an overview

Here are all features of the ChordPainter summarized…

Creation of chord images with up to 10 notes per chord
Automatic recognition of chords separated for the left and right hand
Input chords manually or via MIDI keyboard
Automatic detection of Midi inputs and display of the Midi source
Bluetooth Midi adapters from Yamaha or QuiccoSound are also supported
Transfer a chord to the current song via button or MIDI trigger
Piano is fully playable with sound, either manually or via MIDI input
Clear button to remove all entered notes
Free definable Midi trigger (setting is stored)
Complete online manual available in the App
Notes, program changes or controller (pedal) are accepted as Midi trigger
Midi Analyzer in the main display for all incoming MIDI events
Intelligent mode to assign chords to the right and left hand
Display of the intervals, separated for chords of the right and left hand
All chords in the song can be sorted using Drag & Drop
Language in the APP can be switched between English and German
Chords can be edited, renamed or deleted also after creation
Optimized user interface for all iPad sizes
When naming the chords, there are buttons for common chord suffixes
Chord images optimized for high-resolution printing on laser printers in grayscale
Songbook view to display all the chords of a song large on one page with Midi scrolling
PDF Export for all songs and demo songs to printout or for use in other APPs
Sound output with real sampled piano sounds including velocity
Sound can be enabled or disabled (setting is saved)
Export der Akkordbilder in die Bilder Gallery oder Dropbox
Constantly expanded list of demo songs, partial with songbook PDFs
Song library with an unlimited number of songs
List view with all songs plus number of chords in the song
Songs can be created, copied, renamed or loaded for editing
Export of chord images to the Gallery or Dropbox
You can also export by email (default email address stored)
Automatic backup of the song library when export by mail or dropbox
Restore the song library with "Open in" function in iOS