Edit chords

If chords are played through Midi, it makes sense to play the song to the end and ignore missing chord names or note errors. These wrong chords can be corrected later. ChordPainter provides features for adjusting notes, moving and renaming chords. Of course you can also delete chords from the song.

Just tap a chord and the functions are displayed ...

While the chord is selected, you can not edit any other chord before the mode has been left with the BACK button.

Adjust notes of a chord

When EDIT is tapped, all notes of this chord become active on the two keyboards and can be corrected accordingly. With DONE all changes are accepted or use BACK to cancel this changes.

You can also use EDIT and BACK to get all the notes of a selected chord as a copy. This is possible because ChordPainter will not clear the keys after EDIT and than BACK was tapped.

Delete chord

With the DELETE function the chord is immediately removed from the current song. Then, all the chords are arranged accordingly.

Rename chords

When you are in Edit mode, you can also change the current chord name. This works the same way as described above and the changes are accepted with DONE.

Change chord position

If you want to adjust the order of chords, you can change its position via Drag & Drop. Just tap the chord a bit longer and then move it to the new position.

The order is also important when exporting chord images as they are numbered accordingly. When exporting to the Image Gallery, the images does not even have names, so you need to take care of order.